Most people will never be truly successful.

The pull towards mediocrity is too strong.

As David Schwartz once penned, “All aroundyou is an environment that is trying to pullyou down to Second-Class Street.”

Most people will never escape the pull.

Much of the thinking around us is small-minded. Most people are overly concerned with “beating the other guy,” usually through manipulation and politics.

As a result, they’re left fighting for scraps with the other 99%.It doesn’t have to be this way.

A life of your deepest dreams -- 100% financial independenc e, being your own boss, traveling the world with your family, whatever -- is available, if you know where to start. But most people will never turn away from the safety and security of the crowd to realize this.




Most people hate failure.

They run from it.

In their eyes, if they suck at something,it means they suck.

Since their self-worth is tied directly totheir performance, any failure is proof theyaren’t good enough.

But this is exactly why they’ll stay inmediocrity.

If they aren’t willing to fail, they aren’table to learn from their mistakes.

If they never learn, they’ll never growand develop into something more.

“Would you like me to give you a formulafor success?

It’s quite simple, really: Double your rateof failure.

You are thinking of failure as the enemy ofsuccess.But it isn’t at all.

You can be discouraged by failure or you canlearn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes.

Make all you can.





Because remember that’s where you will findsuccess.”-Thomas J. WatsonIf you’re not willing to fail, you guaranteeyou’ll stay average-at-best.

If you want to grow into an extraordinaryversion of yourself, you must be willing tofail -- a lot.

Failure brings humility.

It develops your character.

It helps you laugh at your mistakes and nottake things so seriously.

Like a plant placed from the shade into sunlight,your growth rate will accelerate 10x.

“因为记住只有这样,你才能找到成功”—— 托马斯·沃森


When I first started blogging, I was terrifiedof one thing in particular -- negative feedback.

I still remember to this day a comment froman early article that read, “This is the

worst article I’ve ever read.”

I was broken up about it for months.

After that, I made all my articles as vanillaand non-controversial as possible.Before I hit “publish,” I would ask myself:“No one could criticize this, right??”

I was terrified of failure and rejection.

As a result, my writing stayed mediocre andaverage for years until I finally startedto embrace the possibility of failure.

Benjamin Hardy put it this way: “Don’tseek praise, seek criticism.”

If you embrace the possibility of failure,you open yourself up to enormous success you’venever seen before.



Most people would choose entertainment anddistraction instead of learning and growing.

It’s not surprising.

Learning is hard.Going to counseling, becoming a student ofyour craft, and constantly failing aren’tfun.

In the words of Hal Elrod: “Repetition canbe boring or tedious, which is why so few people ever master anything.”




This is great news for the rest of us, though.

Uber-successful entrepreneur Darren Hardyonce remarked that he’s always glad whensomething is difficult, because that meansmost people won’t ever do it.

The competition will always be low.

Prioritizing learning and self-education maybe new for you.

But know this:For every day you read a book, millions ofothers didn’t.

For every morning you woke up early to createand produce, millions of others slept in.

For every day you kept going, millions ofothers quit.Ironically, the fiercest competition is forthe second-class prizes.


不过,这对我们其他人来说是个好消息。成功的企业家达伦·哈迪曾经说过,当遇到困难时,他总是很高兴。因为这意味着大多数人永远不会做这件事,竞争不会很激烈。优先学习和自我教育对你来说可能是新的,但要知道:每天你读的一本书,都有成千上万的 人没有读过。每个你早起创造和生产的早晨,成千上万的人还在睡着。你坚持下去的每一天,都有成千上万的人选择放弃。

Once you prioritize learning, you become awareof the 1% of opportunities that are trulylife-changing.

More importantly -- these opportunities haveincredibly less competition!

Most people will continue fighting for scrapswith the “mediocre majority.”

That’s a game you don’t want to win.

Instead, quit the game entirely.

Leave the crowd.

Choose learning and self-education insteadof entertainment and distraction.



Deep down, most people don’t think theyhave what it takes to be extraordinary.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, of course-- if you don’t believe you can, you surelywon’t!

I blogged for 4 years and never got more than200 subscribers.

Looking back, I see now that I never reallybelieved I could produce truly great writing.

In the past couple months, I’ve gained morethan 5,000 subscribers.

This is because I started to take my writingseriously -- started to take myself seriously.I began believing in myself.

I started acting like a winner before I foundany success.

So what did I do?

I bought a $500 writing course.

I started waking up at 6 A.M. every day towrite.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on personal development books.

I treat myself like someone who knows they’reone of the best writers on the Internet.

Soon, I will be.




“No one is ready for a thing until he believeshe can acquire it.”-Napoleon HillI’ve found that once you tell your mindwhat to do, it will make it happen.

Right now, my sole goal is to gain 100,000email subscribers over 6 months.

What’s crazy is I actually believe thiscan happen.As a result, my mind is always subconsciouslyfinding solutions to make this happen.

Most people will never experience the surgeof excitement after beginning to truly believe enormous success is possible.

Winners act like winners before they become winners.They believe they can succeed, and their mind starts working on how to get there.





Back when I was 23, and all I had was a littleblog with less than 50 views a day, I joinedan entrepreneur networking group.

These guys were intimidating.

They wore suits and laughed at weird jokesand liked going to bars where a beer cost$11.

They called themselves “Founders” and“CEO’s” and “Investors.”

I quit going after a few weeks.

There were many great guys and girls in thatgroup who were kind and passionate.

But there were also many members who justliked talking about their title.

Titles don’t mean much anymore.

Anyone can be an “expert” or a “CEO”of anything.

If titles and money are what you chase, Iguarantee you’ll reach the end of that roadfeeling empty and sad.The most important goals you should have shouldbe experiential learning and personal transformation.

If you’re always chasing success, it willconstantly elude you.

In the words of Victor Frankl, “For success,like happiness, cannot be pursued; it mustensue.”

But if you always prioritize incredible personaltransformation and paradigm-shifting experiences,success will gravitate towards you as if youwere a magnet.






I just finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

It’s an incredibly sad story of a girl soldinto slavery of pleasing men.

The saddest part is that the young geishadoesn’t even realize she’s spending herwhole life chasing the wrong thing: tryingto make a man love her.

She believed if she could perform well enough,the affections of this man would finally giveher the healing and fulfillment she alwayswanted.

Most people spend their lives chasing thewrong things -- money, sex, security, andrecognition.

These won’t give you what you want.

Forget about titles and impressing others.

Focus on becoming a person you are incrediblyproud to be.



Every moment you spend being jealous is amoment wasted.We don’t have much time in this world.

The most successful and renowned individualshave often commented later in life how surprisinglyfast it all went.

You don’t have time to be jealous.

If you constantly look to the actions of others,you rarely act like yourself.

Your values and behavior have a harder timealigning, making you unhappy and empty.

“Personal incongruency is what causes somuch of our pain.

Not being you will destroy you.”-Tim DenningInstead of wasting away in mediocrity playingthe comparison game, choose to spend thattime working on yourself instead.

I once heard being jealous and resentful islike drinking poison and expecting the otherperson to die.

I thought that was an eerily accurate description.




One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heardon this topic was four simple words:

“Stay in your lane.”

It doesn’t matter how much faster they’regoing.

It doesn’t matter how much faster you’regoing.

If you keep looking at other lanes, you’regoing to crash.

Focus on you.

Learn all you can.Experiment, fail, discover what works.

Soon, you’ll build momentum.And one day, you’ll look around you, andmarvel at just how damn fast you’re going.

Cut out jealousy.

Spend all your spare time learning and growing.



Most people will stay in mediocrity.

They’ll continue fighting with the majorityfor average, subpar prizes.It doesn’t have to be this way.

The road that leads to an incredibly exciting,fulfilling life is waiting for you.

It’s free and open, and there are no crowds.

Making the shift from an ordinary life toan extraordinary life is one of the most excitingdecisions you’ll ever make.

The learning, growing, and development onthis path will make you feel more alive thanyou’ve ever felt.Choose success over mediocrity.

Choose learning instead of entertainment.

Choose personal growth instead of jealousy.

Choose what you want, not what anyone elsewants.





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